How to get better results with the Goggles

Sometimes you can recognize text easier with your Japan Goggles or China Goggles just by trying these simple tricks:

Use the zoom in button

When in live camera mode trying to read some small print text in Japanese or Chinese, getting your iPhone closer to the paper won’t help – the iPhone camera just can’t focus at small distances. Better keep a reasonable distance, and when the image is focused use the zoom in button to make the relevant portion of the text larger.

Turn on the lights

If it’s too dark in the room, the text on the paper might not be clear enough. If you have trouble distinguishing the characters, so do the Goggles.

Crop it right

Make sure you use the cropper properly, so you don’t include unnecessary lines or shadows. If there are other high-contrast elements in the crop area, besides the characters you want to read, they could be misinterpreted.

Refresh less often

Are you in live camera mode, and the Japanese or Chinese text you are trying to get recognized keeps on changing? That’s because the image is moving, and you probably have a refresh rate that’s too high. Just go to the Settings screen in your Goggles and choose a lower refresh rate (like 2 or 5 seconds). You can also choose “none” – to get to refresh at all. Then you’ll need to tap the screen whenever you want to recognize text.


Don’t forget the Analyze button! Some Asian characters can be pretty similar, so maybe Goggles’ best guess wasn’t the right character this time. If you got a wrong character, try the Analyze function – you’ll get the option of choosing a better match.

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